Note from Greg Smith — Please renew your article subscription


You have been receiving articles from us for a while now.  I am trying to update my list and see if you are still interested in receiving articles from us.

If you are still interested, please go to this form and let me know you are still interested.  I know you are super busy, but it should only take a minute.

Also, for those of you who have been publishing my articles, I would like to ask another favor.  If you have a trade magazine I would like to see if you can return the favor and use one of my ads from time to time. You can use the same link above to download the ad for your magazine.

Best regards,


Gregory P. Smith
Chart Your Course International

"We show managers how to create high performance
organizations that attract, keep, and motivate their workforce"

Author of:
Here Today Here Tomorrow: How to Transform Your
Organization from High Turnover to High Retention

Phone: (770) 860-9464


One thought on “Note from Greg Smith — Please renew your article subscription

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