Employee Retention Workshop

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Growing Worker Shortages Becoming a Crisis
Seminar Addresses Strategies for Employee Retention

Atlanta, GA (January 9, 2007) The high unemployment rate and the growing
demand for skilled workers is creating a crisis for the majority of
employers across the United States. It is getting more difficult to find
and keep talented workers. As a result, organizations placing more
effort in creating better places to work to retain their employees.
Strategies enabling you to retain your best and brightest are available
at the upcoming workshop, Here Today, Here Tomorrow, being held in
Atlanta on January 18th. The one-day seminar sponsored by Chart Your
Course International and People Skills International will be held at the
World Trade Center Club at 303 Peachtree Street from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30

Greg Smith, president of Chart Your Course International and author of
Here Today, Here Tomorrow, says that “Unemployment is the lowest it has
been since 2000 and estimates show 48 to 65 percent of the workforce is
dissatisfied with their current employment situation and could leave for
better positions as the economic situation continues to improve. The
healthcare industry is most at risk. To keep their workforce intact,
employers need solid strategies for employee retention.”

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Wall Street
Journal website recently completed the Job Recovery Survey. The key
findings revealed 64 percent of employees said they were extremely likely
to begin or increase the intensity of their job search. An additional 19
percent said they were somewhat likely to increase their search.

“U.S. businesses spend over $200 billion annually recruiting and
replacing employees,” says Karla Brandau, president of People Skills
International and authority in Culture Integrity. “It would make sense
for companies to reduce the money spent replacing employees by spending
the money to retain employees, thus reducing training time for new
employees. When good employees are retained, productivity and innovation
increase as you climb the ladder together rather than putting
productivity on hold as you step down a rung or two to get new employees
up to speed. By retaining your best and brightest, you will reduce
expenses while you make faster progress toward increased market share and
organizational effectiveness.”

Get free articles on employee retention and learn more about the coming
seminar at http://www.chartcourse.com/Employee-Retention-Workshop.html.
Questions can be answered by calling Chart Your Course at 770-860-9464.



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