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GO must resolve labour difficulties – Toronto Star
By Andrae Griffith(Andrae Griffith)
Adding to their post-holiday blues, GO Transit commuters heading to work on the The system has experienced worker-related slowdowns before, most notably Problems arise when there is a shortage of crews – people cannot be moved
Visions For The GTTA – http://gttavisions.blogspot.com/index.html

Illegal Aliens’ Impact On American Jobs – Part II
By One Old Vet
The mainstream media report ad nauseam that illegal aliens are doing work that Americans Besides a legitimate guest worker program for the seasonal agriculture Obviously, there could not have been a shortage but employers simply
One Old Vet – http://oneoldvet.com

A paucity of insight
While worker’s wages went up by an average of 50 percent during other economic ninnies we should be grateful we’re still allowed to work at all. there is a serious and harmful shortage of willing volunteers to fight in Iraq and
Norwegianity – http://www.norwegianity.com/

Labor Department Report – Skilled Worker Shortage Hurts Economy
Today’s Labor Department Report was another in the recent string of CRIES for the HR … tightness will be a problem for business at least into the next decade, … Give your organization a jumpstart on the competition and create your .
Business labor organization – http://zowes.net/blogs/business-labor-organization/

‘Head tax’ modern version
By Susanna Ng
Consultant for Maple Leaf found workers willing to pay $10000 to come to Canada WINNIPEG — Maple Leaf Foods has shut down its program to import workers from China partly because of the widespread labour shortage in Western Canada.
Chinese in Vancouver – http://chineseinvancouver.blogspot.com

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