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Top Restaurants Implement Kronos ® Solutions to Deliver Ultimate
QSR magazine – Durham,NC,USA
Talent management solutions not only impact the end customer experience but also tackle recurring industry problems such as employee turnover by eliminating
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What to Make of Shake n Shake?
Motley Fool – USA
The recently published annual report touts a reduction in employee turnover last year. While this is important in the restaurant business, Steak n Shake
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Zero Employee Turnover At Casinos Is Not Desirable Because New
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
Casinos struggling to reduce their employee turnover should keep in mind that zero turnover is probably impossible and not particularly desirable.
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Research Shows That the Cost of Replacing A Departing Casino
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
Employee turnover is so deep rooted in the casino industry that one major university has identified five areas associated with the cost of replacing a
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Morale booster: Making employees part of the team
American Medical News (subscription) – USA
Experts say Spring Road and other practices are right to pay such close attention to employee morale. Poor morale can lead to high employee turnover,
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Google Blogs Alert for: employee turnover

Q&A with Tata Consultancy Services
By Alan Zeichick(Alan Zeichick)
There’sa lot of turnover for the first few years after an employee is hired, but once someone has been onboard for seven or eight years, they’re like to stay at TCS. What about wage inflation, which is running at 12-15 percent in India
Z Trek: The Alan Zeichick Weblog – http://ztrek.blogspot.com/

Assessing Cultures Before A Merger or Acquisition
By Velvet Hammer
But he (Debes) acknowledges that employee turnover, at 18 percent, has been higher than he had wanted, and above the 12 to 15 percent that is average for the information technology industry. Acquisitions are often made by first by
The Hire Sense – http://selectmetrix.com/blogs

Say Yes To Corporate Alumni
By admin
By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth No company is immune to the perils of employee turnover. But what if I told you that there was a way to recoup some of the investments made into former employees?
mike myatt, n2growth, CEO Blogs,… – http://www.n2growth.com/blog

Chain Reaction
By ccoffman
Whether they listen or not is another issue, but if employee turnover happens too much or too fast they will need to change policies. Or, look for another job. I know that is not easy, but it is an option.
octoberland – http://www.octoberland.com

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