Comments about Generation X, Y and Baby Boomer Generation

"I find that several of my bosses (esp. other woman) have ultimately
found me a threat. And sometimes the better I performed or the more
earnest I seemed to "be part" of the team, the faster I earned my way to
the unemployment line."

I could not agree more. I was taught that you do your best and make your
contribution to improve the effectiveness of the organization you work
for. When I work with other people of my generation (Gen X) this is what
we do, we look for the best ideas and implement them. When I work for a
Baby Boomer, talent, skill, and dedication are a threat. I've actually
been confronted about coming in extra hours to get a project done. Raise
a new, better way of doing things with a baby boomer and all you get is

And as for women in the workplace, I have only ever had one male boss and
I can tell you women treat women subordinates worse than I've ever seen
any boss treat anyone else. Most of the women I work for won't work for
another woman and with good reason.

Let's face it, the baby boomers were coddled by the world war II
generation, who didn't want to see them go through the hardship they went
through. They expect an easy path and all for them, if you have an idea
or are talented, rather than embrace this as a virtue or something to
support for the greater good of the organization, they're the first to go
at you like snakes.

"Many Gen Xers resent the Baby Boomers and feel they are the single most
destructive generation EVER to have thrived in America, and that they
have, Locust-like, destroyed everything they personally didn't like or,
worse, threw a monkey wrench into the works just to see if they could, or
for the challenge."

Yeah, total spoiled bast@rds. "The Worst Generation" if there ever was

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