Healthcare Shortages

"Estimates from the National Institutes of Health show that U.S. health
care organizations could face a shortage of 1 million registered nurses
by 2020. A study released in July 2007 by Watson Wyatt Worldwide and the
American Society for Healthcare Human Resources found that more than
two-thirds of health care employers report having moderate to great
trouble retaining employees with critical skills, such as nurses,
compared to 43 percent of organizations across all industries.

The Watson Wyatt study found that, while compensation was a key
ingredient to retaining skilled health care workers, employers with the
best retention records offered a variety of perks, such as flexible
scheduling and more vacation time. According to Watson Wyatt consultant
Jamie Hale, the high-stress environment in hospitals explains why some
workers choose to leave, and a chronic shortage of registered nurses and
physical therapists just adds to employee retention problems."

Nurse shortage
Nursing shortage
Healthcare crisis

This article was written by Bill Leonard, HR Staffing News.

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