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An Analogy of Failed Leadership

Captain Smith today epitomizes too many individuals holding place in
business. I appreciated your lessons learned from the Titanic. Here are a
few of mine to add to your collection.

Acknowledge reality: put to sea with enough lifeboats to save the
passengers and crew.

Manage risk: think through, train and perform procedures, including
disaster recovery.

Maintain judgment: avoid acquiescing to upper management when they'd have
you blindly steam full speed ahead through an ice field at night simply
to grab a headline.

Believe your experts: especially when they spell out for you the laws of

Know your limitations: stay within your operating envelope rather than
try to travel faster than your (relatively) small rudders will allow you
to turn from danger.

Lead always: leaders don't retreat to their wheelhouse to perish in
silence; they lead people, even in – especially through – loss.

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