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Situations are vacant throughout the world
Gulf Times – Doha,Qatar
This dreadful worker shortage has driven up wages and thus overall project costs (witness the power stations debacle in Kuwait) and will continue to do so
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Session targets worker shortage; Young people need to realize the
Sudbury Star – Sudbury,Ontario,Canada
When it comes to attempts to solve Ontario’s looming skilled worker shortage, a key player is often absent from the table. “Businesses have been sadly
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Skilled worker shortage a barrier
Bangkok Post – Thailand
A shortage of skilled workers, declining demand and the rising cost of finance, are key hurdles for Thai businesses today, says Grant Thornton International
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New labour
The Lawyer – London,UK
While having a strong base of existing indigenous skilled workers, the region has seen an influx of workers from the A8 countries (Czech Republic, Estonia,
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Mines face shutdown in ‘genocide’ protest
Times Online – UK
High prices and increased demand for metal have expanded production and led to a shortage of skilled workers in the South African mining industry.
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Q&A With Senator Barack Obama On Key Technology Issues
TechCrunch – Atherton,CA,USA
BO: Highly skilled immigrants have contributed significantly to our domestic technology industry. But we have a skills shortage, not a worker shortage.
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Temporary Labour or Disposable Workers?
The Dominion – Sackville,New Brunswick,Canada
The glut of new construction, they claim, has led to the current scarcity of skilled tradespeople and the subsequent push to hire foreign workers.
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