A good boss is key to staff retention

Attracting and retaining talented employees is one of the biggest challenges
facing every industry today. And one of the major reasons for low retention
rates is the employment of bad managers, according to an expert.

"Managers are the most influential factor affecting employee retention,"
said Mohammed Benayoune, Director and Head Coach of Canada-based training
group Achievement Centre International. "Most of the time people leave
managers, not companies. When somebody resigns most probably the resignation
is due to the boss. And there are statistics that back this up."

Benayoune said a survey by professional services firm Towers Perrin found
that the main reasons employees stay at a company include having a good
manager, a challenging work environment and career advancement.

The honesty, consistency and motivation provided by a manager were always
almost top priorities. The money factor, Benayoune added, did not usually
appear on the top list.

Another study by Sirota Survey Intelligence found that employees who felt
their manager did not respect them were three times more likely to leave
over the following two years than those who felt respected.


General factors that employees in the Middle East are looking for:
– Long-term career path with multiple options
– Good leadership
– Professional development
– A challenging work environment that leads to personal growth
– Respect and appreciation of their personal contribution
– Sense of mission and purpose
– Financial rewards and job security (for expatriates)
– Fast promotion to higher managerial positions (for nationals)

Financial rewards that employees in the region are looking for:
– Salaries in line with the market
– Benefits such as housing, transport, health cover, school fees and annual
tickets for home leave for self and dependents
– Bonuses: Quarterly bonuses linked to company, department and individual
performance are found to work better than annual bonuses
– Company loans for house or car purchase
– Escalating rates of end-of-service benefit

Karen Remo Listana on Friday, March 21 , 2008
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Employee turnover in government

I just finished your survey on grocery stores. I am about to take a look at
employee retention resources on your website. I am a state employee who is
extremely frustrated with the constant turnover in our unit. I know the
root of the problem, but no one else seems to care. I have submitted ideas
and pointed out the obvious, to no avail. I am seeking another position and
I am willing to take a pay cut for the opportunity to get out of here. I am
tired of training new employees (which takes a year) only to have them
leave. There are jobs of equal pay that do not require travel in your
personal vehicle with mileage reimbursement at 44 cents per mile. I really
can't blame them…so I'm leaving as well. Maybe your site will have
something I print out to bring to the meeting!

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Navigator #134: Beans, Bacon, Bologna, and Beauty Products

Navigator Newsletter #134


Thanks to all of you who asked about the weather
here in Atlanta this past weekend. In all the years
I have lived in Atlanta this was the scariest I have
seen it. On Saturday I was standing in my driveway
looking at rotating clouds thinking a tornado was
heading for us. Fortunately, it passed over and missed us.

Spelling/grammar errors: Jan is out this week, so I
had to edit my newsletter. So, there is bound to be
errors. I know many of our Navigators LOVE to find
those little mistakes. I really appreciate it and ask
“forgiveness” in advance.

Also, take two minutes and tell us what your favorite
grocery store is. See survey below.
America’s Favorite Retailers Have One Thing In Common – Great Service

One of the first jobs I held was with K-Mart. Back then
K-mart was one of the top retailers in the country. I was
proud of the fact that of all the sales people working
at our store, I generated more sales than any other

My success was based on one reason. I was good
at announcing “Blue Light Specials.” Most people
reading this probably don’t know what a Blue Light
Special is, but when I made my announcements
shoppers came running to my department with money
in their hand. I don’t want to say how many years ago
that was, but that was a long time ago. Wow, have
things changed since then. Now K-mart is at the bottom
of the list.

In May of 2007, the Quality Digest completed a customer
satisfaction survey of the best and worst retailers as
ranked by consumers.

TOP 10

Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods Market
Barnes and Noble
Bath and Body Works


Dick’s Sporting Goods
Best Buy
Big Lots
Circuit City
Home Depot

In addition to ranking the best and worst retailers, the
survey analyzed the primary reason shoppers choose
one retailer over the other. As a business consultant
who specializes in hiring, service, and employee
retention, I consider this is the most important aspect
of the survey.

Consumer trends and brands change rapidly.
What is popular today soon becomes ancient history
tomorrow. However, there are two factors that consistently
build customer loyalty no matter what business you are in.

Which is more important–the price of the product, or the
shopping experience? Quality Digest asked people to
choose between two factors that would cause them to
recommend a store to others. The first factor was “value”
which equates to the feeling they “got their money’s worth.”
The other factor was the “shopping experience” which
included a gamut of elements such as friendliness and
helpfulness of employees, checkout lines, cleanliness,
and location of the product.

Front Line Employees Provide the Key to High Customer
Satisfaction Scores

In the end, the number one reason people choose a
retailer was the “shopping experience.” The survey
further showed the major contributor to the shopping
experience was “employee helpfulness.” Value and price
is important, but in this survey as well as others, the
number one reason shoppers come back over and over
again is the shopping experience.

Hiring good employees and then training them on good
customer service skills remains the driving force of either
creating a positive or negative experience.

Trader Joe’s is a different kind of grocery store that provides
both value and a pleasing shopping experience. Listed #2
on the list, these stores are growing rapidly in popularity.
One interesting customer service technique one store
employs is the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer. This unique
marketing flyer generated an additional $40,000 of
business during one weekend.

You can go to my blog and see the Trader Joe’s video
discussing the flyer.


Service First Videos

Need a good frontline customer service training program?
We are in the process of revamping and reshooting our
videos. Once the new videos are completed, the price
will increase by $400. You can wait and order the new
program later or take advantage of the current price.
Go to this page to see samples of the videos:


On May 4, I am conducting a workshop on customer
service for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) in Las
Vegas. FMI is the largest association of grocery stores
and supermarkets in the world. You can help me by
taking two minutes and answering three questions on
our online survey. Here are the three questions:

1) When choosing a grocery store, which ONE of the
three factors is MOST important?
2) Name your favorite grocery store
3) What frustrates you most about grocery stores?

Go here to take the two-minute survey:


At Key Bank, they start a parade each month gathering
employees in a line, going to a surprise destination.
Once there, they recognize anniversaries, birthdays,
achievements, promos, and introduce new hires.
During the monthly event they hold random drawings
for prizes and gifts. They also recognize star employees
that demonstrate the bank’s values such as teamwork,
respect, accountability, integrity, or leadership.

Source: 401 Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees

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Customer Service Techniques by Trader Joe’s

The Quality Digest completed a customer satisfaction survey in 2007 of the
best and worst retailers as ranked by consumers. Trader Joe's was ranking
as one of top retailers as providing the best customer service.

Here are a couple of interesting aspects of their service strategy.

Art murals in the men's restroom:



Human Resource Management/Talent Management

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Companies bent on high performance often manage their employees in a
flexible, more tailored way. Accenture calls this approach workforce of one
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Talent Management/Human Resource Management:
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Good companies have clear business strategies, IT strategies and operating
strategies. But high performers, explain Peter Cheese, Robert J. Thomas and
Elizabeth Craig, also have human capital strategies. In the second chapter
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