A good boss is key to staff retention

Attracting and retaining talented employees is one of the biggest challenges
facing every industry today. And one of the major reasons for low retention
rates is the employment of bad managers, according to an expert.

"Managers are the most influential factor affecting employee retention,"
said Mohammed Benayoune, Director and Head Coach of Canada-based training
group Achievement Centre International. "Most of the time people leave
managers, not companies. When somebody resigns most probably the resignation
is due to the boss. And there are statistics that back this up."

Benayoune said a survey by professional services firm Towers Perrin found
that the main reasons employees stay at a company include having a good
manager, a challenging work environment and career advancement.

The honesty, consistency and motivation provided by a manager were always
almost top priorities. The money factor, Benayoune added, did not usually
appear on the top list.

Another study by Sirota Survey Intelligence found that employees who felt
their manager did not respect them were three times more likely to leave
over the following two years than those who felt respected.


General factors that employees in the Middle East are looking for:
– Long-term career path with multiple options
– Good leadership
– Professional development
– A challenging work environment that leads to personal growth
– Respect and appreciation of their personal contribution
– Sense of mission and purpose
– Financial rewards and job security (for expatriates)
– Fast promotion to higher managerial positions (for nationals)

Financial rewards that employees in the region are looking for:
– Salaries in line with the market
– Benefits such as housing, transport, health cover, school fees and annual
tickets for home leave for self and dependents
– Bonuses: Quarterly bonuses linked to company, department and individual
performance are found to work better than annual bonuses
– Company loans for house or car purchase
– Escalating rates of end-of-service benefit

Karen Remo Listana on Friday, March 21 , 2008
Emirates 24/7


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