How to Retain Your Top Talent Webseminar

How to Retain Your Top Talent Webseminar
Strategies to Retain and Engage High Potentials

Research shows as the economy rebounds, organizations will see their most promising talent abandon ship in high numbers. In a recent article that appeared in Harvard Business Review, the authors indicate:

• One in four plans on leaving within the year
• One in three are not putting their entire effort in their job
• One in five believe their personal goals are quite different from what the organization has planned for them
• Four out of ten have little confidence in their senior leadership and coworkers
The key to success for any organization is the ability to attract and retain skilled and talented people. Those that fail to make employee retention a priority now risk losing their top talented people to the competition. This webseminar shows you how to design an effective employee retention strategy that provides a comprehensive road map for not only attracting and keeping talented employees, but for motivating and engaging them to achieve a higher level of performance. This session is jam packed with tips, ideas, and easy-to-implement advice for creating a high-retention culture.

December 16

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One thought on “How to Retain Your Top Talent Webseminar

  1. Seems like I came along this site a little too late. I am always interested in what anyone has to say about keeping talent interested. I will have to keep my eyes open for the next time you have something like this open up.

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